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A simple guide to mindfulness by Tracy Dempsey of 0

A simple guide to mindfulness

In this blog, I’ve mentioned mindfulness meditation quite a few times now. It’s been growing in popularity due to the wealth of scientific research investigating its benefits, and to how simple it is – mindfulness is the simple practice of...

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Valentine’s Day: How to Survive It

February 14th. There are surely few dates in the calendar to cause such consternation amongst the general populace. Teenage angst can raise its floppy-fringed head to dent the confidence of the most secure single person and the day can be...

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Reflections from Finland

As regular readers know, I moved with my partner from Ireland to Finland last September, to study a Master’s in Music, Mind and Technology at the University of Jyväskylä. We’re really enjoying the adventure; the Finns we’ve met have been...