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Need Help? Just Ask

If you need something – ask. Whether it’s help with the housework from your partner or children, shared caring responsibilities, support in your job or expertise for your business, don’t wait for someone to notice that you need help. Make...


10 Weeks to Wellbeing: Week 6 – Career

[First published in my Irish Sunday Mirror wellbeing column, 19th Oct ’14.] Whether employed, self-employed or unemployed, how you feel about your work situation can have a massive impact on your overall wellbeing. A fulfilling career can promote increased confidence,...

Guest post for Soul Ambition by Louise of Search Scientist, on SEO 0

Guest Post: Practical SEO Tips for Small Businesses

[Updated from original publication of 24th Jan ’13] Whilst I deliver training and coaching on social media and digital story-telling, I don’t specialise in SEO. So to bring you some practical advice on how to optimise your websites, I’ve invited Louise...