Thank-you to all involved in Sofa Sessions #5!

I don’t even know where to start. Thank-you so much to all the incredible performers, audience and staff at the Ulster Hall. I have loved every single Sofa Session since the first, and it felt like such a gamble to move it to a prestigious venue, with a load of mics and cables and all the rest – but Sofa Sessions #5 could not have gone better. Excuse the Oscar carry-on here – if you weren’t there, this will sound wild OTT, but if you were, you’ll understand:

Little Bear – we are all going to be so glad to say we heard you live right before you became huge; and your Derry banter was wild craic all day, hi. Luke Slott, everyone’s in love with your music; thank-you so much for making the hike up to Belfast! Ursula Burns – you’ve converted so many people to the harp!  People loved the comedy and your voice – just outstanding, you wee IMCA winner you! Nathaniel McAuley; you surpassed my expectations, which were already high! Jamie Harper – your drawings were a massive hit; there was a queue after you left – remind me to give you the cash! Katie and the Carnival – you know how long I’ve loved what you do, and why I wanted you involved. Amazing talent, amazing work ethos; everything that is great about local music. Sinead Crumlish, thanks for all the brilliant photos – especially considering the tricky lighting conditions caused by my battery-tea-lights-in-a-bag!

To everyone who didn’t know what they were buying tickets for, or who wandered in off the street half-way through and then came up and told me how much they loved the night, thanks for taking a chance; and to all my amazing friends (and sister!) who came just to support me and ended up being staggered by all that talent, thank-you always for being there. Special thanks to Dianne Grimason for answering the audience call to come up and perform with our musicians – hope you enjoyed your inaugural performance in the Ulster Hall!

And to Roisin Whyte who suggested the move in the first place, Jan who agreed it, Eimear, Tim and Susan who’ve helped tonight and all week with all my naive questions – thanks for making the venue so perfect. Incredible night!

Some wonderful feedback on Facebook:

Brilliant session, all acts were fabulous, particularly enjoyed Little Bear and Luke Slott (would have loved to have heard him sing too). Thank you Tracy for organising it. Look forward to the next one. x – Zhenia M

brilliant nite Tracy Dempsey Fantastic line-up of very talented people. Ulster Hall – when’s the next one? – Noleen T

well what can I say? haven’t seen or heard a night like that in quite some time! Tracy Dempsey is an absolute legend & an awesome performer! I absolutely loved every single act! and the audience were amazing! Little Bear consider yourselves well and truly ‘liked’ fantastic!!! harmonies, amazing! &was such a pleasure to sing Conor Scullion‘s song! awesome as ever (YRH) So looking forward to the next one!!! – Suzy C [played with Katie & the Carnival]

I think you have a clear mandate for the next one – The Public has spoken! So lovely to hear you sing too. Congrats again on a gorgeous evening x. – Roisin W

Last night was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Just a perfect mix of acts. I could have stayed all night. John C [played with Katie & the Carnival, with Conor S, who commented – “I second that!”]

It was a real privillage to be at last night’s gig. All of the acts were outstanding, the audience was attentive and respectful (all too often a rarity in Belfast) and the venue was fantastic. I couldn’t quite believe that the door tax was only a fiver!
I really hope to see more of these sessions in the Ulster Hall. Well done to Tracy and all involved! – Edel Mac

Amazing Sofa Sessions event last Thursday. Loved the wonderful mixture of performers. An inspired concept. Can’t wait fot the next one! Thank you. – Sylvia R

We want more!!! Such a great night, brilliant lineup and all for a fiver? Amazing job Tracy Dempsey the sound guy was a bit of a genius and you had the place setup that it was intimate and people actually were quiet when they were meant to be and loud and appreciative when needed for the whole thing which in Belfast does not happen often. Excellent night, may there be many more to come! XXX – Lara S

What an amazing night on Thursday Tracy!  .. best gig I’ve been too in a long time. Congrats to you and all those taking part, really was incredible! .. look forward to many more nights to come!! – Hayden S

Congratulations once again for that evening. Without doubt one of the finest gigs I have ever been to. And not just for 2012. No joke. – Rory McC



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