Sofa Sessions Special Guests

In addition to billed artists on the night, the Sofa Sessions have often had audience members do some jamming – music, poetry, even stand-up. Some of them have been professional performers and some just went for it on the night – which is what it’s all about! We’ve enjoyed talent from:

Michael Sampson (The Wee Weirdies, MatscaN Music) – cajon, Sofa Sessions #1
Zhenia Mehdi (song) – Sofa Sessions #2
Bernadette NicGabhann (NicGaviskey, Lord of the Dance) – fiddle, Sofa Session #3
Shane Horan (stand-up, Sofa Session #3)
Nick Fitzsimons (poetry recital, Sofa Session #3)
John Cunningham – poetry, Sofa Session #3 – came back as attackingbats at #7)
Valerie Brown – poetry, Sofa Session #3
Simon Rowe – piano/guitar/songs, Sofa Session #4
David McCann – songs, Sofa Session #4
Dianne Grimason – song, Sofa Session #5
Sinead Crumlish – event photography, Sofa Session #5
Suzy Coyle (aka Suitcase Suzy, You, Me & the Sea) – joined me on “Breathe” at Sofa Session #6
Jonathan Ryder (Jonathan Ryder Photography) – event photography, Sofa Sessions #5, #7 and #8

Numbers 6 and 8 were mini specials for Culture Night Belfast and International Women’s Day, respectively, so there was no time for an audience singalong – and #7 almost ran over time too! But #9 (NIAMH Wellbeing fundraiser) will include an audience singalong with some talented special guests still to be announced – come be part of it in the Duncairn Arts Centre Belfast on Sunday 23rd August 2015!