Ronan Boyle [MUSIC]

Photo of Ronan Boyle, who played Soul Ambition Sofa Sessions #3 (Christmas special)

Ronan Boyle

 Sofa Sessions #3 (Christmas Special)

I met Warrenpoint native Ronan Boyle on the CREATE programme, a cross-border project for musicians and other artists. He later moved to Liverpool to record and gig, but came back and played a great fireside set at the Sofa Sessions Christmas Special in Rugby St, Belfast.


Ronan is a Singer/Songwriter from Ireland currently living and playing in Liverpool. He developed a love of music from a very young age being surrounded by a very large musical family and has had a passion for singing all his life.

He writes catchy pop songs in a folk and 70’s rock style, drawing influences from The Faces, Ryan Adams, Cat Stevens, Ray Lamontagne and many others, and has lived all over England for the last few years collaborating with many musicians, playing countless venues and forming his unique sound and emotive singing style.

Ronan Boyle stands on the stage at Elevator and time almost stands still, the music he has created gives a huge nod to the acoustic folk/rock scene of the 1970s and the very gentle guitar playing hides a big personality and a very good lyric writer. Not that Ronan needs to hide behind his guitar, if anything it adds an air of mystique to the performance of a man who is so very good at what he does.

The scenic beauty of Warrenpoint, the town in County Down, Northern Ireland, has obviously played a part in the development of Ronan’s music and his guitar playing frames this perfectly. At times soaring and at others smooth and enticing and a ideal partner for his voice which carries a song so well that it reminds the audience of those others that have come from Ireland and made Liverpool their musical home.

Opening his set with the fantastic Looking for Rococco, Ronan played the music so well that by the end of his short set it was with great reluctance for the audience to let him leave the stage. In amongst his set list were some great gems including the songs weightless, the superb More or Less the Meaning of Life and Big Belly Sleep  

As introductions go into the new music that keeps Liverpool alive and revitalised, to watch this gentle man from County Down perform his music is a big plus of what had turned out to be a superb day of music in Liverpool. It is with performers such as Ronan that keeps Liverpool forever entwined with being the main city of culture in the U.K.  Ronan Boyle exemplifies this premise perfectly. – Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision