Katie and the Carnival [MUSIC]

Katie & the Carnival, who performed at Soul Ambition Sofa Sessions #5 - Ulster Hall 150th Festival

Katie and the Carnival

(Note: Katie’s moved on to a new project; check out Goldie Fawn!)

Sofa Sessions #5: Ulster Hall 150th Festival

Katie Richardson is a whirlwind in the Belfast arts scene. I met her waaay back in ’08, when Junior Johnson introduced me to her as someone I should know. At the time she was playing in The Delawares, but was also involved in many other projects – I was delighted for her when she branched out on her own, assembling a rolling line-up of musicians in the creation of Katie and the Carnival. When I started programming the first Sofa Sessions to be held in the Ulster Hall, for their 150th festival, she and her band were the obvious first choice.

Her superband on the night were:

Katie – vocals, keys, guitar
Mark Beatty – drums
John Conway – double bass
Suzy Coyle – vocals
Conn Smyth – guitar
Conor Scullion – guitar


Katie and the Carnival‘s music is soulful, dark and harmony-driven with influences from indie, folk, rock, pop and torch song. Known for her engaging and creative live performances you never know what you might see at a ‘Katie and the Carnival’ gig – dancing unicorns, TV tents, samba drummers? Anything is possible…

Katie has worked with the likes of Foy Vance and has supported Duke Special, Van Morrison, Jesca Hoop, Thomas Truax and Emmy the Great amongst others.

Tammy Wynette meets Tarantino Hotpress

She (Katie) transcends the stereotype of the quirky female vocalist, thanks to remarkable stage presence, a soulful voice and joyous wit. Culture NI

A proper spectacle, a visual treat. Oh, and the music’s great too… engaging is an understatement.  BBC ATL

Katie creates the kind of smokey jazz that Norah Jones might make if you snuck a load of vodka in her diet coke. With delightfully creepy, ramshackle tunes such as the sultry ‘I can’t get no Sleep,’ and theatrics coming out of their eyeballs, you’d be a fool not to catch the Carnival live around the Belfast area. never enough notes