Adam Laughlin [COMEDY] [MUSIC]

Adam Laughlin, who performed at Sofa Sessions #7. Photo by Jan Gorman at Voicebox Comedy's LOFT event

Adam Laughlin

Sofa Session #7 (Belfast Music Week 2012)

At the recent CultureTech fest in Derry, I was invited to give a talk on ‘Digital Love’ for Bright Club. I shared a bill with, among others, some kind of nostalgic twin, Adam Laughlin. From Bane impressions to high-speed rants about Bill & Ted, interspersed with a bit of ukulele playing, he had my brain at ‘Mnnhello, Batman’. So I booked him. And he brought the bant (and the ukulele) to Sofa Session #7.


Adam Laughlin has been a favourite of the Northern Ireland scene for some years now.
He performs with a frenetic pace and unending energy that fuels the unerringly hilarious mental crucible that creates the surreal from the mundane.






[Photo credit: Jan Gorman for Voicebox Comedy’s Loft Event]