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The human brain is a musical brain… I’ve been working with music (and musicians!) in my coaching and training work for years, and am now studying a master’s in music cognition, music psychology and music technology at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. My research is focused on showing how musical humans are and ways that we can boost our musical skills for increased confidence and wellbeing. This section shares some research to date as well as my own discoveries.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

In my twenties I had a very entertaining driving instructor. A big fan – like me – of personal development, he used to transcribe tapes by some American guru between lessons, and quote them to me. I’d been reading personal...

Beat Carnival finale for Culture Night Belfast 2014 0

Carnival – good for the soul

What links the streets of Rio de Janeiro with those of Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Limerick, Sligo and Wexford? Carnival! Hip-shaking rhythms, colourful costumes, fantastical floats, heart-lifting song and dance – you don’t need blazing heat to enjoy the carnival spirit....

Photo of the M!lTone open-source synth and MIDI controller 3

Current trends in music technology (2014-2015)

As we reach the end of 2014, here’s a look at several key and current trends cutting across the technologies we use to create, distribute and consume music. I’ve called them immersive, crowd-everything, health-boosting and nostalgic. 1. Immersive 2014 has seen...