Chris Farmer [MUSIC]

Chris Farmer, who came to Belfast from Nice to perform at Sofa Sessions #1

I met Chris through his bandmate Matthieu Vergez, who’d stage managed my stint as Eurovision MIDEM compere in ’08. I’d recorded some of Matt’s poetry for a track on their band Mueros’ album, and invited Chris to play the very first Sofa Session with local troubadour Tom McShane in 2010. He so enjoyed the experience he went back to Nice and started the Concert Au Cinque series of living-room gigs with friend Béa. He later moved to Brussels, but returned to Belfast for Sofa Sessions #4, delivering raw performances of originals and covers.

“awesome night last night at the Tracy Dempsey sofa-session, so many memories, even if they are vague from the alcohol haze…. seem to remember there being a fiddle accompaniment to ‘song to the siren'”

(There was indeed a fiddle accompaniment, provided by Mal Duffin.)



Chris Famer is of vaguely British origin and a self-taught gardener, linguist, musician, artist who composes and improvises in all of these media. Since early age he has been influenced/obsessed by song and sound, and especially how it can be transformed or dismantled, as seen in the works of Anthony Milton, Michael Gira, Richard Skelton.

With this in mind, he has gardened, translated and created his way through France, Belgium and the UK since the early 1990s. He currently experiments with the relation between languages, culture, sound, structure, horticulture and art, in various (random) combinations. Live, he combines voice and guitar with loops and electronic resonances into an improvised landscape of word and sound.

In November 2012 he released his first solo album “a brief history of crossings out”, produced and mixed by Guillaume Le Boisselier with a sleeve designed by Deborah Robbiano.

He is also part of ‘the Flower of the Five Wounds’, with Guillaume Le Boisselier, and is working on the audio scenography of a theatre play (“De Mémoire d’Alice” by Clotilde Escalle) with Magali Revest and Camille Cooken. He has been a part of Mueros, Animal Vacarme and collaborates/has collaborated with: Hippy Death Suite, Fa Cesario, Laurette Goldfish, Podkayne fille de Mars and the artists: Magali Revest, Roxane Petitier and Lisie Philip.