Fashion Psychology: What you wear matters more than you think

March 21, 2015 Business
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When I first launched Soul Ambition, in 2007, I went to a local TV company and pitched an alternative to the biggest fashion makeover show at the time – Trinny and Susannah’s What Not To Wear. I detested that pair’s condescending format of humiliation followed by style “salvation”, and wanted to create a show where participants would get coaching from […]

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Lighten up: 20 things to let go of for a happier life

March 11, 2015 Life
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Do you feel weighed down in life? Does your energy feel heavy, cluttered, or toxic? Are you carrying a lot of baggage from your past experiences and relationships? We accumulate a lot of emotional junk over the years, and often don’t notice the extra weight we’re carrying until we buckle underneath it. Letting go of something is at heart a […]

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Endometriosis Awareness Month: Don’t suffer needlessly

March 1, 2015 Life
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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, with the 2nd Annual Worldwide EndoMarch taking place in dozens of cities around the world on Saturday 28th. Endometriosis is an extremely painful condition that’s as common as diabetes or asthma, affecting an estimated 1 in 10 women1. However, it is shockingly under-diagnosed, with many women not knowing they have the condition. Many sufferers struggle, […]

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Valentine’s Day: How to Survive It

February 8, 2015 Life
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February 14th. There are surely few dates in the calendar to cause such consternation amongst the general populace. Teenage angst can raise its floppy-fringed head to dent the confidence of the most secure single person and the day can be a minefield for new and established couples. If you’re a fan and are looking forward to yet another opportunity to […]

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How learning another language can boost your wellbeing

January 19, 2015 Life
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In last week’s column for the Irish Sunday Mirror I talked about how the language we use – words, descriptions and stories – affects our wellbeing. In Week 4 of my 10 Weeks to Wellbeing series, I described the wellbeing benefits of lifelong learning. This week I’m going to put the two together, and share some of the mental, psychological […]

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Reflections from Finland

January 16, 2015 Finland
Frozen Lake Myllyjärvi

As regular readers know, I moved with my partner from Ireland to Finland last September, to study a Master’s in Music, Mind and Technology at the University of Jyväskylä. We’re really enjoying living here; the Finns that we’ve met have been lovely and I’ve discovered some surprising similarities between the Finns and the Irish. A shared love of spuds and […]

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Mind your language!

January 12, 2015 Life
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How much attention do you pay to the language you use? Try this quick exercise: jot down your answers to the following questions – a few lines for each will do. What’s your life like? How do you see yourself? What’s most on your mind, and why? How do you usually answer when people ask ‘How are you’? We’ll come back […]

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Boost your fitness with healthy habits

January 5, 2015 Life
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So you know exercise is good for you – gives you better fitness, better sleep, more energy, improved brain function, better mood and compliments on how well you’re looking. Maybe you made New Year’s resolutions about getting into better shape in 2015. Maybe you took part in the 10 Weeks of Wellbeing series I ran in the Irish Sunday Mirror last year, […]

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Current trends in music technology (2014-2015)

December 31, 2014 Music+Brain

As we reach the end of 2014, here’s a look at several key and current trends cutting across the technologies we use to create, distribute and consume music. I’ve called them immersive, crowd-everything, health-boosting and nostalgic. 1. Immersive 2014 has seen a continuation of a trend towards using music to create or enhance immersive environments. One beautiful example of immersive musical […]

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Selling digital products/services? EU VAT changes on 1st January 2015

December 30, 2014 Business

[This is an informational post raising issues and sharing useful links. It does not constitute financial or legal advice. Please seek professional guidance for your circumstances.] Are you selling digital products to private consumers in the EU? Are you ready for the new EU-wide VAT laws coming into force on 1st January 2015? (And if you sell physical products, be aware that similar changes […]

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6 reasons New Year’s resolutions fail – and what to do instead

December 29, 2014 Business

Many people spend the last days of one year making great plans for the next – and then spend the first few weeks of the new year beating themselves up for failing again. But never fear! This article will share some of the science behind broken resolutions, and give you better strategies for making positive, lasting changes – at any time. 1. You’re relying on willpower […]

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The Gratitude Attitude

December 22, 2014 Life

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of 2014. At the start of the year my partner and I were still in Ireland, getting ready to submit our application forms for master’s degrees in Finland, trying to decide what we’d do if one of us got in and the other didn’t, and getting excited about the opportunity for developing our careers […]

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Holiday Discount: 25% off coaching for all subscribers

December 20, 2014 Business

Hello from the winter wonderland that is Finland! I’ve finally got to the end of the first semester of my music psychology master’s here in Jyväskylä, and am feeling very grateful for the experience so far – I’ve met some fantastic people, enjoyed some inspiring courses, had great support from our faculty, recorded my first song, ran my Irish Sunday Mirror column and […]

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Need Help? Just Ask

December 14, 2014 Life

If you need something – ask. Whether it’s help with the housework from your partner or children, shared caring responsibilities, support in your job or expertise for your business, don’t wait for someone to notice that you need help. Make your request, explaining what you need and why, and then be prepared to negotiate or turn to another source of […]

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